Oddelek za anglistiko in amerikanistiko

Študentsko delo na področju stare angleščine

Tudi v študijskem letu 2023/24 vabimo študente k sodelovanju pri pripravi e-gradiv za učenje stare angleščine:


Student work experience: Preparing e-activities for learning Old English

In the autumn term, the course English Historical Grammar (2nd year, BA programme) is part of a special university-wide programme promoting digital enrichment in higher education. What we want to do is continue building a mini-module in the Moodle e-classroom that will enable students to learn some basics of Old English independently (as a bonus task – a little like DuoLingo). The first part of the project focused primarily on grammar and now we want to develop primarily exercises about Old English vocabulary.

To become part of the team that will develop this mini-module, you need:

  • A lively interest in Old English (and a good grade, normally at least a 9, if you have already completed the EHG course)
  • Adequate digital skills (technical support is provided)
  • Some free time between November and February

We hope to have 3-4 participating students. In addition to new skills and mentoring, there will be a small financial reward.

To apply, please write to monika.kavalir@ff.uni-lj.si: explain why you want to work on this project, describe which existing activity in the e-classroom you like best and why, and suggest one vocabulary activity you would like to develop to help students study Old English. The deadline for applications is 20 November 2023.

Wesaþ hale!

Monika Kavalir


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