Oddelek za anglistiko in amerikanistiko

Creative Writing and Theatre Workshops!

The Department of English is organising two week-long workshops for students between May 20th and 24th. The workshops will be taught by professors from St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the United States, the theatre/acting workshop by Dr. Amy Steiger and the creative writing workshop by Dr. Nadeem Zaman, who is himself a published author. 

The workshops will take place simultaneously (every day between 7pm and 9pm), so it is only possible to sign up for one of them. The number of participants is limited, so please only apply if you are serious about attending and will be able to attend all the sessions from Monday to Friday. 

You can sign up by writing to anamarija.sporcic@ff.uni-lj.si by May 10th. Applications are currently open to students of English exclusively (on a first come, first served basis). 

asist.dr. A. Šporčič


Osrednja humanistična knjižnica

Knjižnica Oddelka za sociologijo v petek, 21. 6. 2024

Oddelek za sociologijo

Strokovna služba oddelka - obvestilo

Oddelek za klasično filologijo

Oddelčna strokovna služba in knjižnica - 21. in 26. 6. 2024

Oddelek za bibliotekarstvo, informacijsko znanost in knjigarstvo

Sprememba urnika Knjižnice Oddelka za bibliotekarstvo, informacijsko znanost in knjigarstvo, 19.-26. 6. 2024

Oddelek za primerjalno in splošno jezikoslovje

Utrinki s prireditve: Žalna seja v spomin na akademika Janeza Orešnika s spremljajočim odprtjem razstave: Akad. Janez Orešnik, jezikoslovec ki je presegel meje jezikoslovja. 11. 6. 2024 med 11. do 13. uro.