Department of English

MA Thesis Supervisors at the Department of English

MA thesis supervisors

The table contains alist of potential MA thesis supervisors (or co-supervisors) and the topics they usually supervise. When contacting them, please keep in mind that they may already be working with a number of candidates, so they may not be able to accept your thesis proposal.



Jason Blake

Canadian literature, short story, music and literature, sport and literature. 

Lara Burazer

Teaching culture; American culture (teaching, comparison); discourse and translation; expectations and attitudes related to culture; pragmatics; language in use. 

Lilijana Burcar

Feminist literary studies; gender studies and literature; American literature; socially engaged novel; capitalism; socialism; anti-imperialist studies and the novel; contemporary English drama. 

Oliver Currie

Translation into English, translation studies, history of translation, corpus linguistics, historical linguistics, construction grammar, sociolinguistics, historical sociolinguistics, language contact. 

Danica Čerče

American 20th-century novel, Australian literature, American drama.  

Gašper Ilc

English syntax, English verb, generative grammar, semantics, pragmatics, contrastive linguistics, discourse analysis. 

Monika Kavalir

Functional grammar, corpus linguistics, historical sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, applied linguistics. 

Smiljana Komar

English phonetics and phonology, English intonation, contrastive analysis (phonetics, phonology, prosody). 

Mojca Krevel

Contemporary English novel, contemporary American novel, English novel in the 18th and 19th centuries, posthuman studies, queer literary studies, digital literature, contemporary Anglo-American genre fiction, ecocriticism. 

Vesna Lazović

Discourse analysis, media discourse, intercultural communication, contrastive linguistics (English/Serbo-Croatian), applied linguistics. 

Frančiška Lipovšek

Cognitive linguistics, English morphology, English syntax, contrastive linguistics. 

Igor Maver

Postcolonial literatures, Shakespeare, Australian literature, Canadian literature. 

Eva Sicherl

Word-formation, psycholinguistics, contrastive analysis. 

Janez Skela

English language teaching. 

Andrej Stopar

Contrastive linguistics (phonetics, phonology, translation, syntax), language and culture, discourse analysis, applied lingusitics (language testing); corpus studies, lexicology. 

Marjeta Vrbinc

Phraseology, terminology, lexicography, lexicology.  





Cvetka Sokolov

Writing, teaching writing, language testing, assessing writing.  

John Stubbs

English literature in the 16th-20th centuries, current topics in British and Irish culture.  

Anamarija Šporčič

Irish history, society and culture, Irish literature, LGBT in literature, queer theory, gender studies, science fiction, fantasy and horror literature, aestheticism, decadence, larpurlartism (literature of the late 19th century), British 19th-century poetry.

Mirjana Želježič

Communicative speaking ability, teaching and assessing speaking, educational systems, curricula and ideology.