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International Collaboration

Department of English 

The Department of English is in regular contact with departments of English at various universities and institutes worldwide. We collaborate with University of Zagreb in Croatia, Universities of Graz and Vienna in Austria, Universities of Munich, Heidelberg, Mainz and Leipzig in Germany, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, University of Copenhagen, University of Stockholm, universities in the UK (University College London, Heriot Watt University Edinburgh) and Universities in the US (University of California, University of Maine at Augusta …). 

In addition, the Department of English has close ties with English departments at Università degli studi di Udine (Italy) and Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt (Austria). Members of these universities' three English departments meet at conferences, which are organised on the premises of one of the three universities. At these professional gatherings teachers are given a chance to introduce their fields of research.

The Department of English welcomes exchange students and appreciates the diversity they bring to the learning process. The Department participates actively in the Erasmus programme as well as in other partnership schemes. 

If you are considering a stay with our Department, useful information about practicalities (such as application procedures, accommodation, and health insurance) can be found on the following websites: 

In order to apply for an exchange, you will need to submit a learning agreement listing the courses you would like to take. When making your selection, please follow the suggested guidelines and course calendar: 

For all inquiries please refer to the international exchanges officer Jason Blake

  • Andrej Novinec, Representative of the Student Council of the Faculty of Arts
  • Emina Neslanović, Tutor Coordinator and Representative of the Student Organization of the Faculty of Arts

Special status students

1st level (BA) programmes:

  • English: Single-Subject Study Programme (BA)
  • English: Double-Subject Study Programme (BA)

2nd level (MA) programmes:

  • English: Double-Subject Pedagogical (MA)
  • English: Single-Subject Pedagogical (MA)
  • English: Double-Subject Non-Pedagogical (MA)
  • English: Single-Subject Non-Pedagogical (MA)

You might find interesting the brochure prepared by our students: English Studies Exchange.