Qualitative Psychological Research

Qualitative Psychological Research

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Seminars: 30

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ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Podlesek Anja

Introduction to qualitative research: features of qualitative research, critics of the positivistic approach to research in psychology, relation to quantitative research, reliability and validity issues, problems and ethical issues in qualitative research.

Steps in qualitative research:
a) Problem definition, theory in qualitative research, choosing proper methodology, choosing units of research.
b) Methods for gathering qualitative data: Questionnaires and interviews, survey studies, focus groups, observation (direct, with participation), diary studies, historical data, projective techniques; taking notes and transcription.
c) Data analysis: Early steps in analysis, vignettes, writing resume; content analysis, discourse analysis; presenting qualitative data, obtaining feedback.
d) Drawing conclusions, documentation and presentation of the findings.