French Literature of the 16th Century

French Literature of the 16th Century

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ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Turk Boštjan Marko, prof. dr. Pintarič Miha

The subject French Literature of the 16th century gives an insight into the evolution of the literary genres and forms, rhetorical figures and literary motives of the period, the fundaments and the historical »fil rouge« of French renaissance literature. The subject itself is based on a few essential sources of the then literary production, the ideas of Erasmus, for instance, Italian renaissance with the influence of Antiquity revisited, Reformation (Calvin) etc. Of which carefully chosen chapters are included through which students will be familiarized in detail with literature, mentality and sensibility of the 16th century, supported particularly by carefully chosen texts of every respective genre and where special attention is paid to the beginnings of humanism and the influence of Protestant mentality, the two of which are today the cornerstones of European self-image. Additionally one could not overestimate modern approach, methodologies and hermeneutic problems of reading and understanding of renaissance texts. Modern authors like Jean Delumeau, James Dauphiné, J.-Cl. Margolin, Daniel Ménager, Jean Céard, Leo Spitzer and others will therefore occupy their places as well. Although the subject is mainly about French literary art, Italian, Latin and other elements are present.